Chasing Trails and Triumphs: A Conversation with Mountain Bike Athlete Laura Goldsworthy

Chasing Trails and Triumphs: A Conversation with Mountain Bike Athlete Laura Goldsworthy

Embarking on a journey that intertwines adrenaline, resilience, and a touch of rebellion, Laura Goldsworthy, a seasoned mountain bike athlete, shares her unfiltered story. From overcoming a rough breakup to carving her path through challenging terrains, Laura's narrative is a testament to the transformative power of mountain biking. Join us as we explore the highs, the hurdles, and the essential role that SKINS compression wear plays in her training and recovery.

Discovering the Thrill: Laura's Mountain Biking Genesis

Q: How did you first get into mountain biking, and what inspired you to pursue it?

Laura Goldsworthy (LG): "Skiing and rock climbing were my main sports, but an old injury from my army days meant I was struggling. Mountain biking was something my friends all seemed to do, so it was a natural progression. Or, if we're going for the real story, my ex said he never had time for riding any more because of me when we were together... so when we broke up, I quit my job and bought a bike. Seemed fair."

Training Secrets: On and Off the Bike

Q: Can you describe your typical training regimen, both on and off the bike, to prepare for competitions?

LG: "For cross country riding, my coach, Cabin from Black Dirt Collective, sets all my training. I train 5 days a week on the bike, either on the static trainer or out in the forest. For downhill riding, it's more strength-based with weights training once a week. SKINS Series 5 tights are a must after every hard workout—they ease any sore points or inflammation."

SKINS in Action: Essential Gear for Training & Recovery

Q: What SKINS have you found essential to your training & recovery?

LG: "The Series 5 Long Tights are a must. I pop them on after every hard workout and love how they ease any sore points or inflammation. Particularly if I've had a meeting with the ground during training. I have a long sleeve Series 3 top that is perfect for settling any aches and pains in my upper body."

Navigating the Trails: Fitness, Injury Prevention, and Recovery

Q: Mountain biking can be physically demanding. How do you maintain your physical fitness and avoid injuries?

LG: "Diet, aggressive rehab, and a religious adherence to my set training. Diet ensures my body has the fuel it needs. Rehab focuses on niggles or tightness before they become a bigger problem, and yoga twice a week. I don't over or under train around my coach's schedule. If he says it's a rest day, it's a rest day."

Q: How important is recovery to you, and what does a recovery day look like?

LG: "Sleeping and eating and a smattering of yoga or the hot pools. After a race, I'll often sleep literally 20 hours a day for a few days after. Normal trainings don't drive me as hard into the ground, but it's still a huge investment in my recovery to spend time napping around the house and refueling."

Conquering Challenges: Mental Toughness in Mountain Biking

Q: Mountain biking is not only physically demanding but mentally too. How do you stay motivated and overcome mental barriers or setbacks?

LG: "Exercising radical acceptance and forgiveness. Some days are hard. On these days, I grind through training and accept that I'm not going to be pushing out PR's, and that's ok. By finding gratitude and joy in the smaller things, like the sunshine on my skin, I can move through the suffering and pain on the surface."

The Trail Ahead: Goals and Aspirations

Q: What are your personal goals and aspirations for your mountain biking career in the coming years?

LG: "Me and my coach have a few sneaky ideas... stay tuned for the next couple of years."

Sharing Wisdom: Tips for Aspiring Mountain Bikers

Q: Could you share some tips or advice for readers who are enthusiastic about improving their mountain biking skills and getting more involved in the sport?

LG: "Don't overthink it. There are a million reasons to start tomorrow. Head out the door today and figure it out as you go. Be friendly and approachable, and someone will take you under their wing. It's a friendly sport, and I've made some great friends by just pushing myself out the door and into the forest."

Laura Goldsworthy's journey is a fusion of determination, humor, and a genuine love for the ride. As she continues to conquer trails and redefine her limits, the SKINS community eagerly anticipates the next chapter in her mountain biking saga. Stay tuned for more stories of triumph and the relentless pursuit of greatness from SKINS compression wear athletes.

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