Whether the gym-goer in your life loves or loathes leg day, prefers classes over equipment or can’t get enough of lifting, SKINS™ are the equipment they need to take their workouts to the next level.


Do you even lift, bro?! Sometimes a name is just a name, but not in this case. In this case, our SKINS SERIES-5 Powershorts have earned the right to be called precisely that, POWERshorts. Our Powershorts are perfect for the gym-goer who loves lifting. They support the power pack, the foundation of explosive power, the upper quad muscle, hamstring and glutes. The SKINS SERIES-5 Powershorts are explicitly engineered to provide explosive performance in the first 4 seconds of the lift. They’re designed to support, and they’re designed to help hit harder in that explosive moment. Just don’t wear them for longer than 3-4 hours because they are POWERFUL.

SKINS™ SERIES-5 Powershorts are available for men.


Our medium-high compression Long Tights are a must-have for the gym-goer who trains 3-4x a week. The Tights have been engineered for a spectrum of medium-high intensity activity and are particularly good for leg day. They offer firm support for the calves, glutes, quads and hamstrings, whilst reducing muscle oscillation and offering all the other benefits you should expect from wearing SKINS™ Compression. If the gym-goer in your life prefers a higher waist, then we recommend checking out our Skyscraper Long Tights for Women. 

SKINS SERIES-3 Long Tights are available for Men and Women; they come in a variety of colourways and patterns to suit all tastes.  


We’ve all been there. Struggling with sore muscles the day after. Particularly those of us who aren’t very good at recovering properly, we hate sitting around doing nothing as well. But just as nutrition, hydration, and rest play a part in recovery, so do SKINS Travel and Recovery Long Tights. In fact, they help speed up recovery, and they assist in removing lactic acid, which is the stuff that makes you sore. The graduated compression in our T&R Long Tights is different to our performance compression because passive muscles need different compression from active muscles. The T&R Long Tights should be worn straight after activity and for as long as possible for optimum results.  

SKINS SERIES-3 Travel and Recovery Long Tights are available for Men.


Whether it’s rowing, running on the treadmill, bicep curls, seated dips…you get the idea, our Long Sleeve Tops offer compression that’s focused on the arms to maximise chest expansion and assist blood return to the heart. All while delivering essential support to the forearms and biceps. There’s no need to worry about overheating. Thanks to the compressive nature of SKINS™, our garments actually help keep the gym-goer temperate, plus moisture-wicking tech keeps them dry. Depending on how much they train and to what intensity will dictate what SERIES they need.

SKINS SERIES-5 // highest level of compression // for seasoned compression wearers // for intense training regimes

SKINS SERIES-3 // medium-high compression // most popular //people who train 3-4x a week 

SKINS SERIES-1 // medium compression // those new to compression // people who train 2-3x a week

SKINS™ Long Sleeve Tops are available across all three SERIES’ for men and women and come in a variety of colours.