We caught up with SKINS™ Ambassador and Silver Fern rising star Maddy Gordon (virtually) to get to know her better and ask her a few questions about netball, Silver Ferns and life outside of netball.


Q: What does your training regime look like?
A: During netball season, we will usually have two training sessions a day; Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri, with Wednesday being a day off and the weekend self-directed conditioning. It all varies when in competition.

Q: How do you prepare for and on game day?
A: During the week, to prepare for games, I make sure I’m getting enough food into me and the right food. Sleep is a big priority for recovery as well. I also do a lot of stretching and rolling to make sure I am at my best to perform at training. If I’m sore, I will sleep in my SKINS™ compression to help reduce muscle fatigue.

Gameday is pretty chill for me. I just make sure my feet are up, e.g. in bed for a good 2 hours and also fuelling my body well, mostly with carbs.

Q: What or who inspires/motivates you to do what you do?
A: What inspires and motivates me to play netball is that I know it brings out the best version of myself. I am always at my happiest when playing good netball. Also, coming from a small town, Whangarei, I love making them and my family proud. As well as being in a team environment, I love working hard for my team and also pushing other people to be the best versions of themselves.

Q: How do SKINS help you in training, competition and recovery?
A: I love wearing compression SKINS. They help to reduce muscle soreness and fatigue during and after a training/game resulting in me being able to be better, faster and last longer without feeling quite as tired as I would without wearing them. I always make sure I wear them at night after a game as I wake up feeling a lot less fatigued in the morning.

Q: What SKINS do you use/recommend?
A: I definitely recommend the SKINS SERIES-5 WOMEN’S SKYSCRAPER Long Tights. I feel so supported in them, and they have a high waist which I love.

Another SKINS product I love wearing are the Essentials MX Calftights. I wear them religiously after every game, and I sleep in them as I feel that doing so reduces my muscle soreness, so I am ready to go the next day.

Q: What is your proudest accomplishment?
A: My proudest accomplishment is definitely making my Silver Ferns debut. Since being a little girl, it has been a dream of mine, and to have achieved this dream is surreal. 

Q: What is something about you that people are always surprised to learn?
A: When I was year 12 at school, I made the 3rd netball team. It just shows if you work hard and never give up on your dream, big things can happen!

Q: What do you do to unwind?
A: To unwind, I honestly love being in the company of my friends. Whether that be grabbing a coffee or going for walks.

Q: What’s on your pre-game playlist?
A: I don’t personally listen to music before a game. We usually just have the UE boom blasting in the changing rooms, but one of my favourite songs at the moment for the changing room is Hold On – Netsky.